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St Dimitrios Church :  01 216885
Fax :  01 331486
Father Dimitrios Khoury :  03 664654
Father Nicolas Smaira :  03 413406
Deacon Youil Nassif :  03 999213

Map of Dimitrius Church
Feeding the elderly

    This project was launched in 2005. Almost 150 persons meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the year at the Global Pastoral Center (previously 3 doctors school, facing Saint Dimitrios Church) and are served by the parish’s Ladies (main dish, fruits, bread, beverages and desserts).
    All the Dishes are cooked in a professional cuisine. The annual cost of this project goes up to 39000 $.
    In addition the center distributes 4 times a year to those people food intakes costing almost 35$ each which goes up to 21000$ yearly.