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St Dimitrios Church :  01 216885
Fax :  01 331486
Father Dimitrios Khoury :  03 664654
Father Nicolas Smaira :  03 413406
Deacon Youil Nassif :  03 999213

Map of Dimitrius Church
The Spiritual activities

    The parishioners gather at least weekly, according to their age, for spiritual instruction:

    - Every Saturday afternoon, children and teenagers between 4 and 16 meet under the supervision of academic responsible.
    - Youngsters (between 16 and 20) meet every Friday afternoon.
    - Academics and employees (21 and above) meet every Thursday night.

    The Parish also organizes trips, spiritual retreats and entertaining activities in the convents in addition to camping workshops for the responsible persons.
    We released a CD lately, including all the spiritual subjects that were discussed, which helps the chiefs to spread the word of God.
    The cost of those activities has reached 15000$ for this year.